Yummy Banana Bread!

You see them… the brown, almost black bananas in the fruit bowl. Do you toss them? Can you still eat them? WHAT DO YOU DO!?!?!?!

I make banana bread. I will admit, I’ve thown away my fair share of over ripe bananas. They are just too soft and sweet to eat past a certain point for me. I keep telling myself to make bread with them and the recipes I’ve found have too many steps and frankly, I’m lazy lol.

I did find a recipe that is easy and uses things you already have in the fridge and panty. You don’t need buttermilk or sour cream or anything like that. It is from the Paula Dean cookbook I have and it turns out AMAZING! Of course, I shouldn’t be surprised that the Queen of butter churned out a great recipe lol.


It is super easy, minimal ingredients, and easy to customize. I’ll tell you how I tweaked my loaves below 🙂


So you do not need an electric mixer but I used one since it makes it go faster. Here is what I did.

I did preheat the oven but instead of one loaf pan, I used to smaller ones since I wanted to do one plain and one with chocolate chips.

I creamed the butter and sugar together until most the grainy texture was gone.

I put all the wet ingredents except the bananas together first. I then added the dry. I used the mixer to mash up 4 bananas instead of 3 seperatly and mixed it in with the main ingredients after and it came out nice and moist.

I added half a cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips to one pan.

Cooking time is about 30-35 min if you use two half pans.


They came out so tasty, even Avery loved it! It’s great fresh from the oven with some butter or room temp. I bet it would be super yummy warm with caramel sauce and sliced fresh bananas.


I also make her Not your mama’s banana pudding recipe and her gooey cakes as well. Please comment below if you’d like to see them 🙂



2 thoughts on “Yummy Banana Bread!

  1. Wow, this is pretty uncanny! I thought I was the only one who broke the “recipe” rules of homemade cooking. Today I posted a Paula Dean Peanut Butter Bae recipe that I recreated for my family.
    I decided to do a quick search and came across your blog post and picture. You have got to see my post. Prepared to be baffled!!!
    The Happy House Wife


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