Breakfast of Champions, Biscuits and Country Pepper Sausage Gravy

On the weekends is the best time to enjoy a hot breakfast. No one has to go anywhere, morning pajama lounging until 12pm is completely acceptable. This morning was such a morning and after I had my usual coffee (mama go-go juice), I made one of my hubby’s faves, biscuits and gravy.

I first got the recipe from one of my best friends when we were roommates years ago. She was taught how to make this amazing breakfast by her family. Of course, I’m sure the original recipe called for home-made biscuits as well. Now a days though, I only make biscuits for things like chicken and dumplings or my chicken pot pie recipe that has a biscuit crust. Mostly due to drop biscuits being super easy, mix and drop. Home made punch out biscuits are time-consuming since I tend to be a perfectionist.

After making this recipe a while, I’ve added my own twist. I’ll include the original ingredients she taught me to use.

This morning’s ingredients

As you can see, I use the canned biscuits in the buttermilk version. The southern kind work as well, however I would stay away from the flaky layers. They don’t absorb the gravy well and don’t have the right texture.

Cook biscuits according to package. I prefer silpat mats or parchment paper for easy clean up. My silpat mats I got at Costco. They usually have them around the holidays and you get 3 sizes in one pack.


County Pepper Sausage Gravy

You will need:

1/4 cup salted butter

3 1/2 cups milk (original recipe calls for whole milk, I use 2% since I use a lot of butter)

4 tbsp flour

1 roll of sausage ( you can use any kind of meat here, wild game, seasoned ground turkey etc) I like the Jimmy Dean country breakfast sausage or the Sage version

1 can of biscuits

2 tbsp ground black pepper

4-5 good shakes of The Pepper Plant hot sauce (original recipe doesn’t call for this, but we like the extra spice)

*side note on The Pepper Plant hot sauce, this stuff is AMAZING! It is made in Gilroy, CA and has quite a few different flavors. We use the original or chunky garlic for this recipe. Works great as a marinade, finishing touch in sauces etc. It isn’t a regular hot sauce flavor, not nearly as much vinegar after taste as others. They also make a Chipotle BBQ Sauce and a dry seasoning as well. I could seriously make a whole blog just about this stuff so I’ll stop, but it is worth it to keep in the pantry.*

With a skillet on medium-high heat, add sausage to the pan and brown. As you break it up, try to leave some larger chunks as well for texture.


Once browned, add the butter. Some other recipes may call for you to remove the meat or drain the fat, but I don’t and it turns out great.


When the butter is completely melted, sprinkle the flour on to the meat mixture to make the roux.


Make sure the flour is fully incorporated and cooks down for about a minute. This will take the raw flour taste out of it. Then add your milk a cup at a time. I usually eye ball. You want the milk to leave sausage peeking thru. You may need more, or less, depending on your pan.

This is the look you’re going for with the milk

Once the milk is added, put the pepper in and the hot sauce if you are using it. If you like less of a kick, use only 1 tbsp of pepper and skip the hot sauce.


Stir well together. While stirring, bring to a simmer. Reduce to medium and cook for another minute or two to thicken. Be sure to stir regularly.


Once the back of your spoon does this, you can turn off the heat. Let it stand for a minute before spooning onto biscuits. If you prefer a thicker gravy, continue to let it simmer on medium-low for another minute or two.


Voila! A nice hearty breakfast that is pretty quick to make, easy to clean up, and makes great leftovers. This also makes a great casserole to prepare the night before and just warm up in the morning. I can do a recipe on that as well, leave a comment below if you’d like to see it.


2 thoughts on “Breakfast of Champions, Biscuits and Country Pepper Sausage Gravy

  1. Veronica

    Oooo I need to try the hot sauce, as well as this recipe! Love trying things that are made locally. Is it at regular grocery stores or do I look for it in the smaller Mom n pop shops?


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