What broom did I fly in on?

IMG_20170811_091754_271To answer that question, it was a dollar store broom. Partially because the expense of relocating myself, a baby, a husband and two dogs was more than we had anticipated. The other part is because there is a dollar tree across from my new house and really….. you can go completely retail therapy nuts at dollar tree and spend like $20.

We moved to our new town a few days before Halloween. Thanks to the fact we didn’t really have a lot of our own things to move, aside from my husband’s tool collection which greatly out numbers my shoe, purse, AND makeup collection. We had a group of friends and family that were so amazing, driving the 2 hours each way to help relocate us. I was so happy when we were able to sit down and not be driving.

Life was in the middle of an uproar.  To set the scene of crazy going on, my husband and I were married a year prior in November of 2016. We took care of my elderly Grandfather since we had lost Grandma a few years prior. Sadly he wasn’t doing so well and he decided it was time to go into an assisted living facility due to his health. This prompted our house search.

Now, we are from the Bay Area in California.  If you are not from there I need to give you an idea of how expensive it is. We had to look 2 hours north-east of San Jose, CA to find somewhere we could afford to purchase and have me stay home with our little girl. Yeah…. 2 hours! My sainted husband drives this commute every day. We pay half of what some people pay in rent to own our own place. No one could buy anything out in the Bay Area!

So while house hunting, getting a place picked out for Grandpa, getting his house cleared out, moving us our to our new place, having a 5 month old, and my parents moving at the exact same time, life was smacking us in the face big time. It’s final straw was shortly after we had moved in, we lost my Grandpa at 87 years of age.  His health issues were just too great and he decided he was ready to be with Grandma.  With everything we had going on, I still haven’t really processed his loss, but that is a story for another time.

Fast forward almost 3 months later, the house is almost put together, finally got my office/craft/kids play room in some kind of shape to sit down at my computer.  Thankfully during this whole thing, my little Avery is a very calm and happy baby.  She’s such a dream that I am terrified for when we decide to have number 2! That is when they pull the switch and the second one is complete opposite.

This blog is mostly for me since I am a stay at home mom, in a new town.  I can only talk to the dogs and baby so much before I start to wonder if my mental faculties are waning.  I will sprinkle stories, recipes, shopping finds ( I am in love with couponing and finding great deals) and craft/DIY items all around this website.  I hope you’ll stick around and go on this journey with me!


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